Saturday, April 9, 2011

zMooth Pro released

zMooth lets you use gestures to mimic your device's hardware keys (back, home, menu and power), you will be able to use very intuitive gestures to navigate your device.

zMooth is unobtrusive and uses minimum amount of screen space but very easy and intuitive to use. If you use for couple of days you won't even think about using the buttons.
After you install the app you will see a blue area at the bottom of the screen, swipe left on this area to go back, swipe right for menu, gesture a up-arrow(^) for home and gesture a lightning strike/thunderbolt to power off. Please check the screen shots and video for more info.
zMooth will also save your hardware keys from being prematurely degrading as you will be using them a lot less. It might also slightly increase your battery life as you won't be turning on button lights and triggering hardware button circuits.
Please try Lite version which is free before purchasing this app.
Please report any issues/questions/suggestions at

Note: zMooth requires a rooted android device.
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  1. This app is awesome. I'm left handed and my thumb is not very long so I was struggling to reach the "back" button on my Galaxy S2. This app has totally fixed the problem.

    As a feature request for next versions, it would be nice to have an option to have the blue square in the right or left side of the screen for two reasons:

    1. Android menú by default pops up from the bottom of the screen, and some apps also put buttons there. It is a lot less common to have controls on the extreme left or right side.

    2. It is the natural position for the thumb.

  2. PS: By "the right or left side of the screen" I mean the square to be vertical along the left/right border of the screen (the menú and back gestures would be rotated 90º)

  3. awesome App, a big potential for new features, it opens the way to new uses of smartphones, the best app for android.

    you should add a custom gesture, like a pre-set V gesture, and user can chose an action (for example open an specified app) to automatically open an app, or another action

  4. For those who dislike hardware buttons, this is the best solution.

    On my rooted DroidX, I have trouble getting the LOCK command (N) to be recognized, but everything else works perfectly.

    A great utility.

  5. It could be usefull to add the possibility to adjust the transparency for the gesture surface

  6. Guys,do you no how to run it on pocketbook a7?must it be rooted?or maybe there's any programm alike that doesn't require rooting?please help)

  7. stopped working on Android4.0.3.. plz fix.

  8. Fantastic app but please allow users to select a transparent gesture surface as the bar is very noticeable on my small screened device.

  9. Love the app but +1 for transparency.

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  13. Literally saved my life... Well my communicative one ;)
    My home button broke down. It's a great alternative...
    I would add a round gesture for: screenshot
    And a square gesture for: contextual menu (I mean for jumping from one application to an other. (=long press home button)

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