zMooth Support FAQ (updated May 11, 2011)

It should work on any android 2.2+ rooted device. It was verified to work on HD2, DroidX, Nook, Adam etc.,

Back button - Swipe left
Menu button - Swipe right
Home button - Gesture ^
Power/Lock button - Gesture N

zMooth doesn't need complete swipe or accurate gesture, just a small quick gesture will work.The swipes don't have to be perfectly horizontal, you can do them at an angle.

I suggest you try out by using as small quick gestures, and find out what works best for your device and fingers.

Possible reasons:

SuperUser permission might not have been given. zMooth requires a rooted device, when you installed it you should have seen a "SuperUser Request" dialog popup, you should click "yes".

Try enabling USB debug mode under Android settings->Applications->Development->"USB Debugging" and restart zMooth service.  If you are not seeing USB option then contact your ROM developer.

Any task killer that you have installed might be interfering with zMooth, please disable any task killer's and restart zMooth.

Finally there might be issues with the custom ROM that you have installed which might not have correctly working root, contact that ROM developer/cooker for support.

zMooth internally tries to correct errors and automatically fix it on next gesture. However only 5 automatic fix attempts will be made by zMooth after which user would have manually restart zMooth service, this is to prevent unnecessary CPU usage in background. Automatic retry counter will be reset to 0 after user manually restart's the service.

Start zMooth from application list and uncheck "Enabled" and then check "Enabled" again, basically you disabling it and then enabling it again.

Does zMooth Pro or Lite version call home?.
No. zMooth does not call home. Android market contacts google's servers and verifies the license, If you see license error that's because Android market was not able to validate the license and does not allow the application to run. This license check is done by Android/Google and it's frequency is controlled by android market caching mechanism.

zMooth is showing license error and won't start.
This is because new Android market licensing is unable to download/verify license and is preventing zMooth from running, please enable your internet (Wifi/Cell Data) and open Android market app once and then try restarting zMooth service. Once zMooth starts working for few minutes initially you can then disable internet or go offline.

I am not responsible for any damages to your device or data caused by pirated version downloaded from internet. Contacting support will not help for any damages caused by pirated version.

How to uninstall zMooth Pro.
Disable screen lock functionality in zMooth preferences and then try to uninstall. This is an android restriction where an app that has admin functionality can't be uninstalled until admin functionality is removed.

Screen lock gesture will only work on zMooth Pro version. If you have Pro version please ensure you enabled admin in preferences screen, once enabled you should be able to perform gesture "N".

Still having problems?.
Please contact support through the app. (Preferences->Help->Contact Support)
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